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WHO LOVES THE BEACH? COLORING BOOK (Book 3) is a perfect coloring book for kids and others who love the beach. It features 16+ full page ready-to-color originally designed illustrations. 
It is filled with a variety of adorable, charming, and inviting beach illustrations to color. 
Each coloring page is printed on a single side of white paper to minimize bleed-through. 
WHO LOVES THE BEACH? COLORING BOOK will help young children learn more about the ocean and beach. It will teach them to recognize, identify, and name things at the beach. 
It is great for everyone who loves the beach or loves to color! Pre-school to adults!


The 3 books in the series can stand alone and be read in any order.

The paperbacks are           Perfect Bound.

Filled with colorful, charming, and inviting illustrations, WHO LOVES TO COUNT ON THE FARM? 1 to 10 (Book 2) will introduce Concepts: Number Words & Numerals & Counting Sequence. It will teach young children to recognize, identify, & count the numerals 1 to 10 in sequential order. Also, it will introduce children to various farm animals in a fun way.
Children will love counting their favorite farm animal characters and tractors, which match those of WHO LOVES THE FARM? (Book 1 of this series.) This delightful, educational children's book is great for pre-readers, early emergent readers, K and ESL students.

It, also, is written in informative/textbook style.

Filled with colorful, delightful illustrations, WHO LOVES THE FARM?  (Book 1) will introduce young children to various farm animals in a positive, fun way.

It is dedicated to all those who truly love and have dedicated their lives to preserving the iconic farms around the world.  

WHO LOVES THE FARM? is great for pre-readers and early emergent readers (ages 0-7), K and ESL students.

Although it is fiction, it is written in informative/textbook style.