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 Sandra loves living near the beach in Southern California! 
She also recognizes the value of a farming community!!! She aspires to introduce children to both the beach and various farm animals in a fun way through her educational children's books.   
In addition, she is committed to contributing to helping preserve the legacy of the 'vanishing' family farm. 

Featured Author:

Sandra Sarver - Children's Books

Sandra Sarver is the author of 2 children’s books: WHO LOVES THE FARM? (Book 1) and WHO LOVES TO COUNT ON THE FARM? 1 to 10 (Book 2). 
WHO LOVES THE BEACH? COLORING BOOK (Book 3) is her first children’s coloring book.
All 3 books in Sandra’s series can stand alone and be read in any order.
Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science Degree. She loves living near the beach in Southern California.

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